The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time

Fin is sent back in time by Gil along with the rest of the gang to stop the very first sharknado, which set off the series of sharknadoes they've dealt with over the course of the entire series. Turns out, right before the characters died, Gil swooped in, sent them back to the cretaceous period, and they all waited there for Fin. Since you can only go back in time once, unless you've perfected the art of time travel in the year 200013, Fin must be careful to destroy the Sharknadoes without tampering with history. He, of course, does this anyway, but is able to destroy all of the sharknadoes, therefore resetting the entire series to before they popped up at all. 


Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

Astro-X is bankrupt, Nova has been spending her time exploring the ancient methods of destroying sharknadoes, and this time, it's global. The team ends up in Europe, Asia, Australia, and basically every continent without "America" in the name. The storm rages so hard it's got a teleportation vortex inside it which makes it really hard for Fin, April, and Nova to get Gil back once he's sucked up into it.

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens

Anthony C. Ferrante let his too-much gene do the work in this film. five years after the last sharknado came crashing down on the "Feast Coast," another kicks up in Vegas. This time, they have the tech to stop it, but the sharknadoes are smarter than that. There are cyborgs, barrels, sci-fi, and everyone everywhere adds "-nado" to whatever they can.

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

Fin is given the medal of honor for bravery in Washington D.C. when everything goes to shit and a massive sharknado appears, combined with a few others to create not only a massive sharknado, but a wall of sharknadoes that nearly destroys the East Coast. As the movie goes on, Nova returns to the cast, saving Fin several times, and April gives birth inside of a shark. Yep.

Sharknado 2: The Second One

April and Fin are headed to New York for a book signing after their incredibly popular survival guide to sharknadoes blows up. I bet you can't guess what happens when they arrive in the Big Apple! A sharknado, it's a sharknado....


Fin, immortal ex pro surfer, rock climber, and chainsaw wielder takes on the heroic role of saving LA from a tornado full of sharks with his team of misfits including his ex wife, a bartender with a mysterious past, an old drunk, and an Aussie who speaks in one liners.

Where Did I Go?

Hey folks! Sorry for such a long absence. For my podcast I ended up posting a few summary episodes of my Insidious series research that didn't make it onto this blog. I'll likely be posting it here when I can figure out how to format it to be readable without images, but I haven't yet... Continue Reading →

Insidious: The Last Key

We find out more about Elise’s childhood, about her asshole abusive father, the death of her mother, and a brother she ditched when she was 16. This is all important because the case she then takes on is at this old house. She has to fight yet another demon, this time one with keys on his fingers that can lock and unlock people’s organs or something. Basically, it reverts back into “someone has to go save someone else in The Further” and involves a bit more about Elise, except this time, she’s wearing a really bad wig.

Insidious: Chapter 3

A young girl named Quinn is trying to get in touch with her mother so she hits up Elise. When Elise can’t help her, she basically forgets about it until she’s hit by a car. In the two seconds she’s dead, a demon attaches to her and she’s then tormented, tossed around like she’s made of whatever’s inside Stretch Armstrong, and gets possessed.

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